One Act Plays and Pantomimes by Isabella C. Rae



One-act plays and pantomimes by Isabella C. Rae were formerly marketed by Pedersen Press, and it was only when Pedersen Press was wound up in March 2007, that Isabella decided to create Cordiner Press as a vehicle for her own work, which had achieved considerable success over the years. Since then, many more plays and pantos have been added to the list.

Isabella C. Rae

In 1991, I attended a series of playwriting workshops courtesy of Wildcat Theatre Company.  The workshops were led by the playwright, the late George Byatt. He was a very charismatic personality, and thanks to his encouragement, I had a go at writing my first one-act play which was chosen for a semi-public rehearsed reading when the workshops ended.

Shortly after this, Harry Glass set up Pedersen Press to promote new writers and their work, and I was lucky to have my plays, and later my pantomimes, included in the catalogue. 

I've also had a lot of help and encouragement from my own drama club, Rutherglen Rep - I've been able to use them as guinea pigs for my pantomimes and many of the one-act plays.

As an amateur actor and director I'm well aware of the problems which drama clubs can face over money, shortage of backstage help, cramped venues with next to no facilities, etc., and I always try to take account of this when writing.

Most of the plays and all pantomimes included in the catalogue have been performed, some of them very many times. For information on reading copies, prices, and ordering scripts, go to How To Order.


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